Free online casino games keno review

Free online casino games keno: rules and win-win strategies

The whole charm of the free online casino games is that here the chances to win are the same not only for a professional and experienced player but also for a beginner. At its core, keno is quite comparable to the lotto and enjoys stable popularity all over the planet due to its simplicity and accessibility.

How to Play Keno

To play free online casino games keno, a playing field is used, which includes cells with 80 numbers. The first thing to do is to select the numbers on which you plan to bet. The size of the prize will depend on the numbers that you managed to guess. But remember that choosing more numbers will reduce your chances of winning.

Once the final choice has been made, the drawing of numbers begins. For a successful game of free keno casino games online, you need to know which specific bets exist in the game and which are most effective. Traditionally, the casino has a system of payments on bets. Many casinos also offer a deposit bonus for this game.

Types of keno games

  1. The most common are so-called direct keno tickets. When choosing a direct ticket, all you have to do is mark the numbers and wait for the results of the draw.
  2. No less popular are keno tickets with various combinations. The player, choosing such a ticket, gets the opportunity to combine several combinations in one ticket.
  3. Next is a split ticket. Choosing a split ticket, the player bets on various combinations of numbers, however, he does it on one ticket. As a result, you need to select at least 2 groups of numbers, marking them.
  4. Travel ticket. If you prefer a travel ticket, you will need to place a bet on one card for several combinations. This version of the game is considered the most difficult, and initially, the player needs to decide on how many previously selected combinations of numbers he will be bet. Next, the number of bets is indicated on the right side of the ticket. Accordingly, the numerator of the entry in the ticket will determine the size of your win.
  5. The royal ticket is another kind of travel ticket. The main difference is that in addition to the number groups, the player can bet on separate, so-called “royal” numbers, which are marked on the card (similar to groups).

Keno Strategies

The most popular is the “block system”, thanks to which many players managed to win a cash prize. Everything is quite simple:

  1. The player needs to choose 20 numbers that, in his opinion, have a probability of falling out in the upcoming draw.
  2. The selected numbers, in turn, are divided into 5 blocks, each with 4 numbers.
  3. Next, different pairs are built from the numbers broken into blocks, and each line here is a set of 10 numbers that you need to bet on. Thus, we get 6 combinations of 10 numbers at the output.
  4. We make 6 bets from the 10/10 category on numbers, filling in the line-by-line empty cells of the table located on the left.

The best result is achieved if an additional 2 numbers fall out of the block defined in the second stage.

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